Freezeless Outdoor HOT & COLD Wall Faucet  10"

The freezeless Woodford Model 22 anti-rupture, hot and cold wall faucet is designed and intended for year-round residential irrigation purposes regardless of outside temperature.


Features include (2) patented resetting pressure relief valves (PRV) that prevent faucet tubes from bursting, and any consequential water damage during freezing conditions, even if a hose is unintentionally left connected to the faucet. Oval, powder-coated, die-cast aluminum handles. Woodford, The Choice of Professionals.

  • 1/2 in. MPT x 1/2 in. FSWT
  • 10 in. wall thickness plus the 1 3/4 in. inlet
  • Resetting pressure relief valve (PRV) helps prevent the faucet tube from rupturing, and consequent water damage during freezing temperatures, even if a hose is inadvertently left connected to the faucet (hose sold separately), faucet will still freeze if hose is inadvertently left connected to the faucet, however it will not rupture
  • Separate hot and cold inlet tubes allow for manually operated temperature control with cross contamination protection
  • Anti-siphon protection
  • Integral backflow device protects up to 125 psi of backpressure, eliminating the need for an add-on vacuum breaker
  • EPDM rubber packing helps prevent leaking behind the packing nut
  • Stainless steel seat to prevent from leaking at the back of the faucet
  • Full-circle operating threads on the valve body and retainer for a secure fit
  • Not intended for continuous use
  • Powder-coated die-cast aluminum oval handle for strength
  • Brass construction
  • No-lead solder
  • Repair parts readily available
  • Item #: 22CP10-WOOD

Freezeless Outdoor HOT & COLD Wall Faucet 10"

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