16 PT Spline Faucet Cartridge fits Luxury Brands including ALTMANS, PHYLRICH, Sygma and Rubinet

Repair your 2 handle faucets easily and economically with the JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS replacement cartridge.

  • Cartridge is especially made to fit and replace the 16PT Spline 2 handle faucet cartridges
  • Item replaces and fits the "HOT" cartridge
  • reference model #M-5706
  • Sturdy brass components make this cartridge chemical and chlorine resistant and offer greater durability and longevity
  • Easy to install
  • See Part 18-560 for Cold Cartridge
  • See Part 17-559 for Extension to Spline


  • Item #: 18-561

Cartridge-HOT, fits Altmans, Rubinet, Sygma and Other Luxury

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