Waterless Urinal MB Active Cube and Trap Assembly  (2-Pack)

With URIMAT Waterless Urinals, their slogan, Every Drop Counts, is also their goal. The URIMAT Replacement MB ActiveTrap corresponds with Urimat Poly carbonate Waterless Urinals. Simply put, URIMAT urinals save time and money, conserve tremendous amounts of fresh water, and create more hygienic, odor-free restrooms without using energy.

  • Replacement part corresponds with urimat poly carbonate waterless urinals, the integrated MB-active cube reduces organic deposits in the odor trap and waste pipe, after decomposition of the MB-active cube the red surface underneath the transparent cover indicates the MB-active trap must be replaced, suitable for use with URIMAT polycarbonate waterless urinals
  • No water wasted, no chemicals needed, no issues
  • Patented 3-way control: the cover of the integrated MB-active cube has 3 settings which regulate the efficiency of the cube, thereby controlling its service life
  • Integrated MB-active cube: the integrated MB-active cube improves hygiene, reduces deposits, and prevents the inside of the odor trap and the waste pipe from becoming encrusted with organic matter, urine deposits and fats
  • Lifecycle indicator: after the MB-active cube has dissolved, the red indicator ring signals that the trap has to be changed, simply, if its red, its dead
  • Vertically sealing membrane system: the vertical membrane technology guarantees that odors are completely sealed away and it is able to withstand both negative and positive air pressure, it is impossible for gases from the sewage system to escape
  • Polycarbonate is non-porous so bacteria can't latch on rendering them much cleaner than a regular urinal, these urinals are extremely vandalism-resistant
  • IAPMO approved
  • Contact-free patented 3-way control integrated MB-activecube life cycle indicator vertically sealing membrane system resistant to negative and positive pressure frost-proof
  • Item #: 52.101

Waterless Urinal MB Active Cube and Trap Assembly (2-Pack)

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